G-source Pty Ltd a level one BEE (BWO)  company with over 35years of combined experience in the supply, sourcing and procurement environment, in all disciplines from IT/TELECOMS,PHARMACEUTICALS, ENGINEERING TO LOGISTICS, Gsource has found a niche place in this global market.

Partner offices have been established in ASIA and we are currently investigating opening offices in the UK, US and India this should start formalising in the second part of 2021

Our highly effective team of sourcing specialists and service providers work with the best practices and ensure our client’s needs are exceeded, our partner offices ensure we have the best with regards to.
In 2015, the business branched into a new phase. In addition to our current business, we had also found a need in the market to provide services such as designing and constructing Educational, and Recreational / Interactive Play Centers. This is to accommodate to the need of distinctiveness and originality. We manage full turnkey projects, as well as unique creativity and designing of interactive centers for people of all ages. From a school to a mall, we do it all.

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